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Our patented flexible bar technology is changing the workout programs for athletes, fitness junkies, seniors, youth, return to play rehab, and more…

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Tsunami Bar® technology is all about doing more with less. Our products and training methodologies are scientifically proven to exert a greater total force with significantly less loaded weight, in a way that more closely mimics the natural activation of muscles seen in physically intensive activities and sports.


Compared to a static bar, Tsunami Bar® not only generated about 150% stronger peak total force when loaded to the same weight, but also applied the peak force over a shorter duration. This translates to stronger, faster, and more natural muscle contractions, helping not only strengthen the muscles, but also helping with pliability and agility.

Used by the best

The Tsunami Bar® is a cutting-edge training tool used by professional athletes worldwide to optimize their performance. Through our brand ambassador program, elite athletes from various sports disciplines showcase the efficacy and versatility of the Tsunami Bar® in their workout routines. By incorporating the unique, patented design of the Tsunami Bar®, athletes are able to increase their explosiveness, strength, and endurance while minimizing the risk of injury.

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