Tsunami Bar® Sports, LLC. Comprehensive Warranty Declaration

Tsunami Bar® Sports, LLC. hereby guarantees to the initial buyer that its merchandise, when utilized as envisaged and under standard conditions, shall be devoid of any defects in materials and craftsmanship. This guarantee commences from the date of product delivery to the original purchaser and extends over the following durations:

  • Outer Shell & Fiberglass: 2 Years
  • Weight Collars: 1 Year
  • Wear Pads & Labels: 90 Days

Under this warranty, the responsibilities of Tsunami Bar® Sports, LLC. are confined to either the repair or replacement of the defective parts at Tsunami Bar® Sports, LLC.’s discretion. This will occur at the nearest facility of Tsunami Bar® Sports, LLC., and will not incur any charges to the purchaser for the parts involved. However, the purchaser shall bear any shipping, transportation, or labor expenses associated with the return or replacement of equipment to the Tsunami Bar® Sports, LLC. facility.

Exclusions from this Limited Warranty:

This limited warranty does not encompass, and no warranty is extended towards:

  • Products of Tsunami Bar® Sports, LLC. that were not purchased directly from Tsunami Bar® Sports, LLC. or through an authorized dealer of Tsunami Bar® Sports, LLC.
  • Products that have been modified or altered in any way.
  • Products that have been employed in a manner other than their intended use.