About Us


The original Tsunami Bar prototype was first developed in 2012 by David Abernathy and Gordon Brown. At the time, Abernathy was a strength and conditioning coach at Clemson university. Looking for a way to take his invention to the next level, Abernathy turned to Mike Ramsey and Scott Williams. Their company, Williams Strength, was a fitness equipment manufacturer who had just outfitted the university’s West End Zone weight room.

Ramsey and Williams were creating solid steel products at the time and were understandably skeptical about a flexible barbell. Eventually however the pair finally relented and were glad that they did. Like most people when they first experience a Tsunami Bar in action, seeing was believing. The Tsunami Bar, named after the most powerful wave in the ocean, was a revelation for Ramsey and Williams. They immediately agreed to finish its development and take it to market.

The end result of this initial effort was the 45-pound Level 3 flexible Tsunami Bar. After that launch, a complete line of new bars with different flexes and weight capacities were developed. Word began to spread about these strange new wave bars. It seemed that everyone who tried them swore by them, awed by their effectiveness and the undeniable results.


In September 2013 Ramsey dropped one of the new Tsunami Bars off to golf pro George Bryan III and asked him to look at how it could be used with golfers. Bryan worked with golfers from young juniors to seniors and had always stressed exercise and nutrition as part of the total package. At the time, Ramsey was going to Bryan’s facility every Thursday for lessons and noticed that the Tsunami Bar® he had given him was sitting in the same spot for months. When asked if he had given it a try, the answer was a polite, “Not yet, but I will.”

Sometime around Christmas, Bryan went on a prayer jog and during that run told himself to go pick up the Tsunami Bar® and see what he thought. The amazing thing is that when he did pick it up for the first time, instead of using it as intended, he stood it on its end and began bending it to replicate the impact position of a golf swing. Although not fully aware of it at the time, Bryan had just begun to develop a new way to train the golf swing now known as Impact Conditioning.

After two years of fine-tuning the Impact Conditioning model, Bryan suggested the creation of a new company devoted solely to golf. Knowing that this innovation had even broader appeal to all sports, Ramsey and Williams ultimately decided to create Tsunami Bar Sports, LLC which officially came in to existence on November 17, 2015.

In 2016 George Bryan contacted a prominent strength and conditioning professional named Ken Taylor and asked him to visit the Tsunami Bar® training center to see what it was all about. Taylor was skeptical but decided to give it a shot since he knew Rob Thames, a former workout partner, was overseeing the manufacturing and development of all Tsunami Bar® products. As soon as Taylor got under the bars, he knew he had discovered something special. Taylor was in fact so impressed by the bars that a few months later he moved his training and coaching business to the Tsunami Bar® Training Center.

Tsunami Bar Sports have continued to convert countless exercise enthusiasts and today our products are in dozens of high school, college and pro team gyms around the country. While we do train some elite athletes at our facility, we have products and training methods that are available for people of every fitness level.

On January 1, 2019, Tsunami Bar Sports made the move to purchase the Tsunami Bar® patents and trademarks from Tsunami Barbell, LLC. giving Tsunami Bar Sports, LLC all the tools needed to take the products and training to the next level.