Which Bar Is Right For You?


The TSUNAMI Bar® lineup is truly a “method” of resistance training that encompasses all facets of Strength and Power development. All of the bars should be utilized in training protocols for optimal results; however, if a single bar fills a void in your training program, then one of these bars should be RIGHT for you.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when looking for the right bar is that speed of movement affects the forces developed by the bar more than weight. Research shows that by moving the bar at speed you can generate dynamic weight as much as 3 to 5 times the static weight of the bar and plates. Lighter weights moved faster is the goal to develop fast powerful muscles.

Main Tsunami Bars®

**Now with Knurling** The main Tsunami Bars® consist of the Speed Bar (formally known as Level 1 Bar), the Force Bar (formally known as Level 3 Bar) and the Max Bar (formally known as Level 5 Bar). These are the bars used by top athletes around the world for developing explosive power while significantly reducing injury.


Tsunami Bar® Speed

SPEED Bar … Formerly known as the Level 1 Bar. This barbell has more application across the board than any other in the Tsunami Bar lineup. Designed to have more oscillation and amplitude; it is hands down the best device to tap into the Type II fast twitch muscle is so hard to develop. In SPEED applications this barbell responds very well with a 30 to 70 pounds and when utilizing the included spacer the bar will perform well with up to 140-pounds.

This is the perfect bar to use paired up with Tsunami Point of Attack Straps to perform the “Jammer” movement.


Tsunami Bar® Force

FORCE Bar … Formerly known as the Level 3 Bar. This is a transition bar. A really strong lifter with good power output … Now we’re bringing SPEED back into the equation … can use this bar for Explosive SPEED and Explosive POWER development; however, this bar is capable of carrying a 270-pound load so the application of FORCE development is the primary characteristic of this Barbell. The lifter’s goal is to achieve Dynamic Loading and Unloading through bar oscillation while progressing through heavier loads.


Tsunami Bar® Max

MAX Bar … Formerly known as the Level 5 Bar. This is the stiffest bar in the lineup. In its current configuration the MAX Bar is loadable to 540-pounds. At heavier loads this bar has oscillation for stabilizer activation and and a dampening of soft tissue abrasion making heavier loads much easier on the joints at the point of eccentric / concentric transition.

Tsunami Bar® Stiks

Tsunami Bar® Stiks are great for not just warming up exercises but also can be used for a total body workout in single or group fitness environments. They are also becoming a perfect rehab tool for shoulder injuries. Add a pair of ½ lb. Soft Weights to the ends of the Multi Stiks and ramp up the stimulation.


Multi Stik

Small enough to fit in a golf bag. Great for warming up the muscles prior to exercising or getting on the field or golf course.


Multi Stik Plus/Magnum

This is the most popular Multi Stik and can be used by just about anyone for general exercise or pre-round/game warm up. Use two and follow the Multi Stik video series for a great low impact exercise program. These Stiks are light weight and soft to the feel which allows them to be moved fast helping to develop quick powerful muscles.


Quick Stik

The Tsunami Bar® Quick Stik is 56″ long weighs 8 lbs. These bars are normally used without any additional weight but 1/2 lb or 1 lb ankle weights can be attached to the ends to change the forces generated by the bars.

Standard Grip Tsunami Bars®

All standard grip bars are 1 ¼” in diameter and have revolving sleeves that accept Olympic plates. These bars work great for users needing a light weight easy to hold alternative. Can also be used for shoulder and trunk work by every range of user.


Tsunami Bar® SG-20

The Tsunami Bar® SG-20  is 72″ long weighs 10 lbs and has a recommended loading range of 5 to 20 lbs. Standard Grip Bars have a smaller 1.25″ diameter grip and revolving sleeves. Total weight range is 15 lbs to 30 lbs which can result in reversal forces of 15 lbs to over 120 lbs. Bar comes with one pair of Croc Lock Collars.


Tsunami Bar® SG-50

Great middle range bar that can generate reversal forces over 200 lbs.


Tsunami Bar® SG-90

This bar can be loaded up with a pair of 45 lb. plates and produce reversal forces over 300 lbs.

Now anyone can benefit from Tsunami Bar® technology and Swing Balance™ products!

Golf enthusiasts like yourself have multiple options to choose from: Purchase equipment for your personal use; undergo online training programs and certification; participate in group training sessions, and/or sign up for individual instruction where you will have the opportunity to train with our expert instructors and engage in golf specific workouts.