Ken Taylor – Sport Specific Exercise Science & Training

Ken Taylor – Sport Specific Exercise Science & Training

TBS Team/Coach


From USC Sport Specific Strength + Conditioning Director across all sports – volleyball, track & field, golf, tennis, football, swimming and beyond, to Titlest Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Trainer, Ken Taylor’s professional trajectory is as broad and powerful as his personal conditioning spectrum. Ken achieved 15 1st place bodybuilding titles before becoming a scratch golfer. He does not just talk the talk, he walks and burns and pumps and spins and stretches it every day. What has followed has been a glorious series of achievements earned through proper training, education, nutrition, effort and commitment above all. There is nothing Ken asks of his clients that he has not done himself. His passion for fitness and training has taken him around the world and placed him on the champion’s podium in American Karate, Body Building, Weight Lifting, and most recently Golf as a TPI Certified Instructor and 12-time SC Golf Association champion. His expertise, matched by his clients’ commitment, have placed them in the winner’s circles across the NFL, NBA, SEC, MLB, PGA, LPGA all the way up to the Olympic level. Having been a collegiate strength coach Ken brings a unique perspective to the advisory board.

Credentials + Titles

Tsunami Bar® Sports, Chief Biomechanist

Founder, Power Golf Sport Specific Elite Conditioning

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainer

Bodybuilding Champion, Top 5 Mr. USA, Mr. South Carolina 1984, Mr. Collegiate USA + 13 additional titles

Power Lifting + Olympic-style training for 9 years

University of South Carolina (USC)

Sport Specific Strength + Conditioning Director

Exercise Science, USC (1990)

Physical Education Certification for Adaptive Children, Special Needs, USC (1990)