Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown




• Co-founder Tsunami Bar, LLC

• Original investor in Tsunami Bar Sports, LLC

• President Flexi-StiX, LLC (consulting company)


• BS Mathematics – UNC Charlotte (1968)

• MS Management – Clemson University (1973)

• US Naval Academy (Class of 1968) – 1964 thru 1967

• Retired Naval Reserve Captain (Intelligence Officer) with over 26 years service.

• 30 plus US and Int’l patents in fields of blast resistant materials for the military, composite materials/products with current focus on sports performance enhancing products and technology including patents on Tsunami Bar® and Speed Sticks® technology.

Some significant Products and Programs:

• C-GRID® carbon fiber/epoxy grid for concrete reinforcement

• X-Flex® blast resistant material system for US military

• Tsunami Bar® flexible composite barbells

• Body Bar Flex™ bendable resistance bars

• Speed Sticks® training devices to Run Faster plus SAQ training

• 14” Flexible ‘Run Fast’ Training bars (13 oz each)

• 48” Fast Twitch Muscles Conditioning bar for Legs

• 51” Jump Sticks™ for speed, agility and quickness training (SAQ)

• 60” Speed Sticks® Resistance and oscillatory exercise bars

Gordon Brown

PO Box 5391

Anderson, SC 29621

Email: flexistix@charter.net

CELL: 864.221.5970