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The Zercher Squat

The Zercher Squat is one of many leg exercise we employ in strength and conditioning programs. Coach Abernethy demonstrates how to the do the Zercher and talks about why it is an important exercise to have in your arsenal.

Legs and Glutes … Lets Get to Work!

This is a lower body workout that should take about 1-hour to complete. I train with Tsunami Barbells and the clients I work with train with Tsunami Barbells. This workout was written to take advantage of the dynamic capacity that Tsunami Bar’s Flexible Bar Technology provides. This doesn’t mean that any workout I post won’t […]

General Fitness (Routine #3 of 3)

Alright, this installment closes out this 5 day workout program. You may use this format and simply plug in different exercises to meet your fitness needs. Be disciplined. Be consistent. Meet your challenges head on and WIN. This is Routine #3 of a 5 workouts per week program designed to tone, tighten, build some muscle, […]

General Fitness (Routine #2 of 3)

This is Routine #2 of a 5 workouts per week program designed to tone, tighten, build some muscle, and cut fat. Now, since we’re getting into the whole routine let me talk about how I coach this program. This is really 5 workouts but only 3 routines. The other 2 workouts are primarily cardio dominant […]

General Fitness Workout (about 1 hr.)

Part of what I want to provide with this BLOG platform along with all the instructional videos are written workouts you can take to the gym right away and get busy. These workouts will be geared for different training effects such as Hypertrophy, Absolute Strength, General Fitness, Power Development, etc. General Fitness (approximately 1-hour routine) […]

Tsunami Bar and the NEW Dynamic Method

The Tsunami Barbell has tremendous potential when utilized on Dynamic lifting days (the SPEED day). Coach David Abernethy talks about Tsunami Dynamic lifting and how to fit it in your “In-Season” program.