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  • Level 3 Tsunami Bar® Lat Bar – 54″


    The Level 3 Lat Bar is designed to be used with weight loads of up to 200-lbs. The built in flex of the bar combined with the fixed weight load require the user to recruit more muscular activation to initiate the pulling motion. A deeper muscular recruitment pattern is also required at the bottom of […]

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  • Tsunami Bar® 32″ Multi-Bar


    This 1-1/2″ diameter bar utilizes Tsunami Bar® technology to give the user a device that may be used in a wide variety of exercises with enough flex to provide ergonomic comfort for the user’s hands, wrists, and elbows.

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  • Comfort Grip™ DD Handle


    The Comfort Grip DD Handles are made from a durable 1-1/2″ diameter rubber that provide and excellent grip surface and just enough flex in the handle to relieve the user’s hands from the unforgiving pressure exerted by the steel or hard plastic handles. The CG DD Handles were also made 6″ long to provide ample grip space for […]

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  • Croc Lock™ Collars (Pair)


    The Croc Lock™ Collar is extremely versatile and durable. Normal collars get broken so easily, not the Croc Lock™ Collar. It is molded from a strong but flexible thermoplastic rubber material that will last and is surrounded by an easily replaceable band of durable high-denier nylon webbing with integral Velcro straps for ease of use so […]

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  • Speed Sticks® Flexible Hand Weights (1 Pair)


    Speed Stick products are specifically designed to enhance speed. These flexible hand weights are 14″ long and have foam grips. They can be used while running to train correct and effective arm movement.

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  • Swing Balance™ Laginator™


    The Swing Balance™ Laginator™ is a great tool for teaching and learning how to incorporate lag in the golf swing. It makes the user vertically set the hands in the back swing and then gives an audible feedback on were the release is in the down swing. It is designed to be used at slower swing speeds […]

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  • Swing Balance™ Multi Stik – 48″

    • 47 1/2″ Long
    • 2 Lbs
    • Standard Flexibility
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  • Swing Balance™ Multi-Plus Stik – 63″

    • 63″ Long
    • 2.5 Lbs
    • 1 Pair of Soft Weights
    • Standard Flexibility
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  • Tsunami Bar® Speed

    • 90″ Long
    • 2″ Diameter
    • 13 Lbs
    • 1 Pair Pinned Croc Lock
    • Optimal Oscillation window is 35 lb a side
    • Effective Load Range 15 lb – 45 lb a side
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