Legs and Glutes … Lets Get to Work!

This is a lower body workout that should take about 1-hour to complete. I train with Tsunami Barbells and the clients I work with train with Tsunami Barbells. This workout was written to take advantage of the dynamic capacity that Tsunami Bar’s Flexible Bar Technology provides. This doesn’t mean that any workout I post won’t work with steel bars … it just won’t be as effective.

Let’s Get To Work!!

Warm Up (We warm up on our indoor turf area. The lanes are 50′ in length):

Jog 2 laps

High Knees (up the lane) …. Butt Kicks (back down the lane)

Low Lateral Shuffle (up the lane) …. Face the opposite way and Carioca (back down the lane)

Walking Lunge w/ a Torso twist (up the lane) …. Straight Leg Kick Out (back down the lane)

This Routine is set up in 3 separate segments consisting of 3 exercises in each segment. Do each of the 3 separate exercises of a segment in succession as 1-Giant Set.  Complete each Giant Set 3X before continuing to the next segment.

Example: Back Squat (reps) … Stationary Lunge (reps) … Prowler Quad (Distance) … Repeat 3X to complete the segment.

Segment #1

Back Squat: 3 sets x 10 reps (reps are split into 5 “pause & explode” reps followed by 5 standard reps)

HOW TO PERFORM: Begin with 30% of your 1RM and go up 10% on each of the next two sets. Using a 400-lb squatter as an example I would choose a Level 3 Tsunami Bar and allowing for the weight of the bar Set 1 would have 52.5-lbs (45, 5, 2.5) on each end of the bar. Set 2 would have 72.4-lbs (45, 25, 2.5) on each end of the bar. Set 3 would have 92.5-lbs (45, 45, 2.5) on each end of the bar.

There are 10 reps total in each set, but they are split into 5 “pause & explode” reps and 5 standard reps. The “Pause & Explode” reps go like this: With the Tsunami Bar properly across you upper back take the bar off the rack. Set your feet slightly outside your shoulder width and angle your toes slightly out. This wider stance will incorporate significantly more posterior chain and adductors. As you descend into your squat be sure to always force the knees apart. Never allow the knees to “pinch” inside. Once reaching parallel keep the torso tall and chest out pause for 5-seconds (1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005) … EXPLODE to the top position. Create as much ground force and upward speed as possible. At the top squeeze the glutes, exhale, and allow the Tsunami Bar to oscillate out. Repeat for 5 reps. After the 5th rep you will be in the standing position, and from this point execute 5 standard “Down and Up” reps with enough bar speed to make the bar oscillate before racking.

Stationary Front Lunge w/ plate overhead: 3 sets x 8 reps on each leg

HOW TO PERFORM: Choose an appropriate weight plate (45, 35, 25, etc.) and hold it with arms extended directly overhead. With your feet parallel start with your right or left leg lunging forward and sinking the trail knee to an inch or two off the ground and keeping the weight plate overhead. Once at the bottom of the move press forcefully through the lead heel to return to your starting position.  Pressing through the lead heel is vital. DO NOT get light in the heel and press through the midfoot or toes. Perform all 8 reps on the same leg before changing legs to finish the set.

Prowler Quad Sled Push: Determine and weight and distance to suit your athletes or clients. Given the Turf area in my facility to load the Prowler Quad with 140-lbs. of plates and push it 100-feet as the third exercise in each Giant Set of this segment.

Segment #2

Romanian Dead Lift: 3 sets x 12 reps w/ a Level 3 Tsunami Barbell (looking for bar speed on the concentric phase of this lift)

HOW TO PERFORM: Approaching a Tsunami Barbell to execute an RDL is no different than the approach used for a standard steel Olympic bar. Stand close with the bar directly over the shoestrings. Keeping a flat back and head in line with the spine hinge at the hips and maintaining a slight bend in the knee push the hips and butt back allowing the hands to descend toward the bar. Once the hands are at the bar I use an “Over/Under” grip but using a grip device or straps allowing a double overhand grip is perfectly acceptable. Grip the bar, and … now here is a coaching point unique to the Tsunami Barbell … pull up on the bar without lifting it off the floor. Creating a “pre-lift” bend in the bar will “set” the internal fiberglass to its proper position providing smooth execution of the lift. Now that we have the posture, grip, and “setting” the bar we are ready to go. Initiate the lift by creating downward force through the feet while the posterior chain of hamstrings, glutes, and quadratus lumborum forcefully extend the hips forward lifting the bar to the top position. This an explosive move, and we want bar speed and a resulting oscillation of the bar at the top of the lift. Allow the oscillations to settle out so we can take advantage of the involuntary contraction before a very controlled descent back to the floor by pushing the hips back, allowing a slight bend at the knee, and keeping the bar close to the legs. Repeat for 12 reps.

Kettlebell Swings: 3 sets x 20 reps

Froggy Jumps: 3 sets x 15 reps

HOW TO PERFORM: Stand with feet parallel shoulder width apart and arms extended down in front of the torso. With balance between your feet squat (repeat … SQUAT, not just bending forward at the hip) down so the fingertips can touch the floor then explode vertically to a jump. Land and immediately absorb the landing into the squat position and go into the next Froggy Jump. Repeat for 15 reps.

Segment #3

Glute / Ham Machine: 3 sets x 8 reps

Froggy Jumps and Prowler Quad Push: (putting the second and third exercises of this segment together) 3 sets x 5 Froggy Jumps then push the Prowler Quad w/ 140-lbs. of plates 50′ followed by 5 more Froggy Jumps then push the Prowler Quad 50′ then finish with 5 more Froggy Jumps. Execute this combo after each Glute / Ham set.

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