Golf Specific Training


Bridging the gap between golf and fitness by combining ground-breaking education with patented training equipment.

Impact Conditioning

Our methods focus on teaching impact conditioning movements that help golfers achieve technically correct positions into the golf swing. When used in combination with the proper instruction, our products can generate exceptional biofeedback that accelerates the hard-wiring of neuromuscular circuits involved in your golf swing.



Golf Specific Exercise

In addition to impact conditioning movements, we teach exercises that are highly golf specific and amplify FEEL in your golf swing.



Now anyone can benefit from Tsunami Bar® technology and Swing Balance™ products!

Golf enthusiasts like yourself have multiple options to choose from: Purchase equipment for your personal use; undergo online training programs and certification; participate in group training sessions, and/or sign up for individual instruction where you will have the opportunity to train with our expert instructors and engage in golf specific workouts.


Movements that exemplify core principals in the golf swing. Backswing turn creates energy.

Organizing the release of energy at impact simplifies the game. Studying the most important part of the swing – IMPACT is our number one priority.

Brand new training concepts for golf. Fun, challenging, effective indoors or out in group or individual settings.

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